Project Dream Works

A Mission of
Bless Asia Foundation
Thai Lanna Church, Chiang Mai, Thailand
Project Dream Works (San Fan) provides education tutoring, sports activities and counseling to poor urban youth in Chiang Mai, Thailand.Historical background   ( Background )

Tutoring: Classes in English, Mathematics, Arts and Skills are offered every Saturday from 10:30am to 4:00pm. Each semester classes for thirty students are provided – sixty students per year.

Sports activities
•   Teams play football every Thursday evening with twenty people participating each week
•   Competitions with other football teams in Chiang Mai occur four times each year.

Summer Camp: Each year at Summer Camp youth receive training in
•   Life skills
•   Sports
•   Music
•   Leadership

Counseling: On the church’s property San Fan has established a Youth Center where young people can drop-in for counseling, develop close relationships with our staff, and join our activities. Youth receive long-term counseling and build close relationships. Five youth per month receive individual attention by a counselor.

Ministry News – 29 September 2007
One night there was a loud noise of bottles being broken on the street thrown by a young gang near our church. Pastor Banjob woke up and heard they were fighting. One girl scolded a boy who had sex abuse with her while she was drunk and slept in her dorm. Pastor Banjob came out, talked with them until dawn and convinced them to think about their lives and future. After that night pastor Banjob shared the problems of this gang with the elders of the church. We have had the burden about them since then.

In the year 2004 the Thai Lanna Church began the football team. We play football at our football field in the church. The boys who lived nearby came to watch and wanted to participate, so we let them join us. Later they felt comfortable going to church on Sunday. After a few months we set up a special Bible class for them. Nine of them accepted Christ as their Savior. One boy brought his mom to know Jesus also. One day his mother told us that her son did not go to school. We talk with them and learned that the boy could not do the homework and did not understanding the lessons in class especially Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. So the pastor asked the youth leader, who is an engineer, to help them by starting a tuition class in the evening. In three days they could catch up with the class.

This year 2007, Pastor Lito Yutuc is now our department head of the SANFAN Ministry. Reaching the Thai children thru teaching them English,Math,Arts & Skills.
Church Activities
For Football Ministry

1. Provide football teams every Thursday evening. Twenty people will participate each week.
2. Have football competitions with others teams in Chiangmai 4 times/year.

For Sanfan Teaching Ministry
1. Set up tuition classes: English, Mathematics, Arts & Skills classes will be offered every Saturday(10:30am – 4:00pm). In one year we can provide the class for 60 students and in two years for 120 students. 30 students per semester
2. Have a Summer Camp once a year.
Last Summer Camp 07 fifteen(15) students joined our Summer Camp & accepted the Lord Jesus at the sharing of the Gospel thru the preaching of Ptr. Lito Yutuc our department head.

For Youth Ministry
1. Have youth camp once a year. One hundred youths/year will receive:
• Life skills training
• Sports  training
• Music training
• Leadership training
In two years 200 youth will participate at our camps.
2. Establish a center for youth where they can drop-in for counseling, develop close relationships with our staff and join our activities. We plan to have the youth center at church during the first two years.
Youth will received long term counseling and build close relationships. Five persons/month will receive individual attention by a counselor.

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